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Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to "Cable Operated" "Weight Driven" "Floor Clocks" (click to expand)

What if my clock chimes a few minutes before or after the hour? [Print] [Email]
Where is the closest Authorized Service Center in my area? [Print] [Email]
What if my mechanical clock does not strike the correct hour? [Print] [Email]
What if the chimes or strike on my weight driven floor clock seem exceptionally fast or slow? [Print] [Email]
What if my mechanical clock is in the “night off” position and it is silent during the day instead of the night? [Print] [Email]
What if my clock chimes have the incorrect tone? [Print] [Email]
Can I increase or decrease the chime volume in my mechanical clock? [Print] [Email]
What if a chime rod is broken? [Print] [Email]
What if my floor clock runs fast or slow? [Print] [Email]
What if my mechanical clock operated fine for several years but now is slow or stopping? [Print] [Email]
What if my pendulum hangs crooked? [Print] [Email]
What if my pendulum hits the weights? [Print] [Email]
What if the hands are bent? [Print] [Email]
How do I wind my clock? [Print] [Email]
What if the weights do not drop at the same rate? [Print] [Email]
What if the top of my dial is tilted back and the hammers are not properly aligned with the chime rods? [Print] [Email]
Where are the key, crank, and weights located in the floor clock carton? [Print] [Email]
What is meant by “triple chime”? [Print] [Email]
What is the function of the moon dial? [Print] [Email]
Why is it necessary to have my clock movement oiled? [Print] [Email]
Who should I contact to have my clock cleaned and oiled? [Print] [Email]
What if my clock is out of warranty and needs service? [Print] [Email]
What if my mechanical floor clock will not operate? [Print] [Email]
What if my mechanical clock will not chime or strike? [Print] [Email]
How should I prepare my floor clock to be moved? [Print] [Email]
What should I expect when my floor clock is professionally set-up? [Print] [Email]
How do you recommend that I clean and maintain my clock? [Print] [Email]
What if I need a part? [Print] [Email]
How do I clean and care for the wood surfaces on my product? [Print] [Email]
How do I set up my floor clock? [Print] [Email]
What if I hear a squeaking sound while winding my movement? [Print] [Email]
What if my clock has an overlapped cable? [Print] [Email]
Why is it necessary to have my clock movement cleaned? [Print] [Email]
What are the symptoms that the clock movement should be oiled and/or cleaned? [Print] [Email]
What if I want to clean and oil my own clock movement? [Print] [Email]
What clock oil is recommended by Howard Miller? [Print] [Email]
Where do I find the model and serial number for my floor clock? [Print] [Email]
What is the current value of my floor clock? What is my clock worth? [Print] [Email]
I registered my floor clock years ago. Do you still have that information? [Print] [Email]

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